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Estudiantes y empleados recibirán ayuda legal gratuita – Students and employees will receive free legal help (August 30, 2019)

ILD Managing Attorney Barbara Pinto and Ana Navarrete from San Jose State University share more on Telemundo about the free immigration legal services ILD will provide to CSU students, staff, and faculty.

Universidades estatales de California ofrecerán servicios legales de inmigración a estudiantes – CSUs will offer immigration legal services to students (August 29, 2019)

ILD Managing Attorney Barbara Pinto and Miguel Pimentel from California State, East Bay share more on Univision about the free immigration legal services ILD will provide to CSU students, staff, and faculty.

CSU to Roll Out Delivery of Immigration Legal Services for Students and Employees (August 28, 2019)

Immigrant Legal Defense (ILD) will provide services for: Cal State East Bay, San Francisco State, San José State, CSU Monterey Bay, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CSU Bakersfield, Fresno State and Stanislaus State. 

ICE used Oakland Airport to Transport Tens of Thousands of Immigration Detainees (July 21, 2019)

Despite being locating in one of the nation’s most prominent sanctuary cities, Oakland International Airport served as the staging gound for nearly 1,000 flights chartered by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement between 2010 and 2018, carrying detainees on their way to deportation or transfer between detention centers.

In total, the ICE Air operation flew nearly 43,000 people in and out of Oakland during that period. Almost 27,000 were being deported. The other 16,000 were being transferred, part of a detention and relocation system that advocates and immigration lawyers allege is designed to cut people off from legal and community support that could help them stay in the country.

[Eleni Wolfe Roubatis comments:] Having clients moved around, and having both attorneys and families looking for them, is challenging logistically. It causes additional emotional harm to people already worried about their loved ones.

Northern California Advocates Demand Access to ICE Detainees, Rally in Solidarity (June 11, 2019)

Legal assistance at ICE processing centers is a critical element in ensuring that individuals make informed decisions about their legal rights, and is often the difference between deportation and due process,” said Eleni Wolfe-Roubatis of Immigrant Legal Defense, who was among the San Francisco delegation. “ICE seemed more concerned with their own protocols than upholding the constitutional rights of individuals in custody. We are making every effort to protect the due process rights of these individuals and ICE has the duty to do the same.”